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Developing unified strategies to balance broad category diversification.

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Fostering category diversification without growth disruption
While Mociun may have been most well known for its fine jewelry collection, the brand identified a distinct diversification path in the home goods vertical. While their core category accrued a consistently high Average Order Value (AOV), due in large part to a unique gemstone inventory and bespoke projects, the home goods category AOV was much lower and thereby approachable to a broader customer base.

Although both sides of the business were primed for growth, the brand was interested in exploring how the two categories might work in tandem to collectively help drive stronger brand awareness.

“The segmented strategy we developed for Mociun led to an increase in sales and traffic without cannibalizing either product category.”

Bennett WissakGrowth Director, Maison MRKT

Mociun is celebrated for its clean, geometric forms, unique gemstones and playful use of color. Alongside signature fine jewelry, the brand also offers a curated selection of home goods - a thoughtful edit of objects of enduring beauty to adorn our homes. Increasingly, the brand looks to Maison MRKT for leadership on strategies that speak to each product category’s unique positioning while maintaining unified brand alignment.

Optimization through tactical differentiation
To accommodate the drastic range in price point, Maison MRKT designed a bespoke marketing strategy that maximized performance without sacrificing awareness of either category. The strategy prioritized home goods in upper funnel campaigns, where price point can be a high hurdle, and promoted jewelry in lower funnel campaigns, where key audiences had already expressed interest in Mociun’s brand and core values. 


Based on this analysis, Maison MRKT then designed a custom road map, outlining a  full-funnel media mix, including the creation of targeted smart shopping campaigns for each product category individually, joint opportunities for cross-category customer pollination, and cohesive insights aimed at optimizing representation and balancing awareness for the Mociun brand as a whole.

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