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Aligning a global luxury brand to a complex international audience.

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Establishing a cohesive presence on a global scale
As the ASSOULINE brand has grown, so too has its recognitioN around the world. Armed with the loyalty of many international customers, alongside a growing international brick & mortar retail footprint, ASSOULINE was primed to amplify this reach and lean further into successful international markets through strategic alignment with Maison MRKT.

To best develop this complex strategy, Maison MRKT first focused on a deep dive into the global luxury direct-to-consumer landscape- country-by-country, region-by-region. Through a highly targeted audience audit, including proprietary MIQ analysis, Maison MRKT was able to identify region-specific insights and preemptively strategize for media mix nuances within each market.

After thoroughly analyzing the brand’s various target audiences and stratifying the promoted merchandise assortment on a local market level, Maison MRKT helped ASSOULINE anticipate the highest potential prospective markets with predictive capabilities before the campaigns were even deployed.

“With our strategy, we were able to lay the groundwork for growth on a global scale, and with Channable’s platform, we can continue to build on that foundation with ease.”

Bennett WissakGrowth Director, Maison MRKT

ASSOULINE was created to be the first luxury brand on culture. What began as a premier book publisher has grown into a lifestyle brand, offering not only beautiful books and special editions, but also luxury gift items, unique library accessories, and now a complete turnkey collection of stylish furniture. Although based in New York City,  ASSOULINE is a true international name - a distinction charging Maison MRKT to create impact within the brand’s diverse and global competitive landscape.

Partnering with Channable for a dynamic global shopping strategy

Through Channable, our comprehensive data feed partner platform, Maison MRKT created advanced setups for each international market - including specific rules tailored to each region. These rules streamlined setup by first identifying previous top performing image types by country (for example: flat-lay v. with model), as well as prioritizing key product groups within each feed, such as previous best-sellers in a specific country.

This partnership streamlined Maison MRKT’s ability to execute an advanced Performance Max strategy across +10 countries and multiple continents, and also offered ASSOULINE the highest possible agility across one of the broadest competitive landscapes, thereby maximizing profitable market penetration. As the luxury brand continues to grow its global presence, this forward-thinking strategy and partnership with Channable gives us the toolkit to continue to create and build a cohesive, international shopping model.

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