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Capitalizing on Social Virality to Amplify Product Launch Success.

Creative OptimizationSocial Media Advertising

Building an environment for decisive product introduction. 

As the Arielle Shoshana team prepared to expand their private label product offering with the addition of a fourth distinct fragrance, Monday Eau de Parfum, they engaged in tactical messaging and strategy shifts in the months prior to the product’s market introduction. On TikTok, the brand had fostered an engaged community through a consistent and active presence over multiple years. Frequent posting and utilization of tactics like giveaways and humor forged meaningful brand connections with social engagers and contributed to expanding reach. 

In partnership with creative studio JXL, Maison MRKT engaged in meticulous planning and strategic adjustments to ensure a seamless shift in consumer attention. The overarching goal was not only to introduce the new product successfully but also to strengthen the brand's identity as it moved into the next phase of growth.

To effectively leverage consumer attention for the upcoming product release, while maintaining consistent profitability, Maison MRKT employed a cross-platform approach: 

  1. Elevate the private label by reframing creative on Meta’s paid channels away from third-party product offerings.

  2. Invest in brand marketing and community interaction strategies, specifically on TikTok, to lay the groundwork for new customer acquisition.

  3. Nurture connections with high-reach Creator accounts and institute high-funnel strategies to tease information about the new product ahead of launch. 

Through strong cross-team collaboration, Maison MRKT’s Growth and Creative teams revised and elevated the brand’s creative footprint to allow for a strengthened presentation of the brand, and core products, to first time customers. Maison MRKT’s Creative enhancements successfully aligned the brand name with a private label product, transcending its previous connotations of solely a multi-brand retailer.

Maison MRKT also analyzed engagement data and identified organic social content that most successfully propelled these new lines of messaging. Our teams then utilized this creative with Community Interaction strategies to invest in growing the reach of the social profile before introducing new product messaging. This was accomplished over many months of consistent optimization and refining.

Having bolstered brand awareness and reoriented brand messaging, focus shifted entirely to product release.

“The Monday product launch was a solid reinforcement of product marketing hypotheses developed over many disparate iterative tests. To see all of these strategies coalesce in one successful release that rocketed the brand to the next level of growth was invigorating.”

Liam ScottSenior Digital Marketing Manager, Maison MRKT

Arielle Shoshana is an energetic, design-forward line of weekend-themed fragrances born out of the eponymous DC-area perfume retailer. With the recent release of their fourth fragrance, the earl grey tea inspired scent Monday, brand messaging has synchronized around the private label offering and surged ecommerce growth.

Maximizing the effectiveness of product launch strategy through social virality.

Maison MRKT’s consideration-to-conversion strategy magnified product release messaging across engaged and prospective customer segments. Agile and data-driven budget appropriation further advanced performance during product rollout.

Continuing to optimize paid social creative required unique and distinct insight into the differentiation of creative appetite and community engagement practices between Meta’s platforms and TikTok.

Once initial product release messaging had converted into a high-yield return, emphasis shifted to heightening visibility of top-performing ad units to new audience segments.  

Through contextual analysis, the team later detected organic conversations and reviews surrounding the new product cropping up within micro-interest communities on TikTok. Once it was determined that organic traction was having a positive impact on revenue growth, Maison MRKT moved to harness content authorization tools to significantly amplify content reach and fan the flames of virality.

“Maison MRKT's ability to synthesize data and change our approaches weekly was instrumental to our success. They know data better than anyone, are always the fastest to understand new platforms and analytics, and know exactly when and where to leverage our investment for maximum impact. Without their insights and suggestions, we would not have the staggering Q4 growth (which continues to snowball), and value their work immensely. They are a critical part of our success and it's a true pleasure to have them on our team as we scale.”

Arielle WeinbergFounder, Arielle Shoshana
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