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Simplifying and consolidating advertising infrastructure to increase sales.

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Testing a simplified setup

In a run-up to the busier winter holiday season, Lele Sadoughi wanted to find a way to run more efficient Facebook ad campaigns that could reach more fashion shoppers, increase product sales and consistently grow revenue month over month.

Lele Sadoughi’s previous Facebook ad campaigns had used complex manual account setups—such as including multiple segmented ad sets, setting various budgets for each ad, splitting budgets across several ad sets and determining lots of very defined and specific interest audiences—which made them too cost- and time-inefficient, as well as difficult to manage.

So, Lele Sadoughi worked with Maison MRKT to simplify the brand’s account setup structure by consolidating campaigns and using fewer ad sets. To minimize the time spent allocating budgets, we opted into Facebook’s optimization features and automated best practices.

To test whether this strategy could improve bottom-line conversion results while also being more efficient and easier to manage, the team decided to conduct a split test that pitted Lele Sadoughi’s business-as-usual, manual campaign setup against the newer consolidated, simplified setup:

  • Cell 1 (business as usual) consisted of 69 ad sets and 10 campaigns, with a budget manually split across ad sets, and ads targeted to narrow, interest-based audiences.

  • Cell 2 consolidated down to 15 ad sets and 3 campaigns, used Facebook’s campaign budget optimization to automatically shift budgets to the best-performing ad set in real time, and targeted ads to a broad audience of US women aged 25–64.

The same ad formats and creative ran in both cells. This included video ads as well as photo ads in carousel format that showcased a variety of the brand’s products, such as headbands, facemasks, beanies, ear warmers and more. Each ad included a “Shop Now” button that linked to Lele Sadoughi’s website.

Initially begun as a jewelry line, Lele Sadoughi has since expanded its reach to other categories--most notably, women's accessories. Lele is best known for her knotted, jeweled headbands and colorful, playful jewelry. The company has grown with the support of over 150 global retailers, and has been worn by countless female leaders such as Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Mindy Kaling and Naomi Campbell.

"We were interested in testing whether simplifying and consolidating Lele Sadoughi’s Facebook ad account structures could improve bottom-line results compared to the brand’s typical, complex ad account structures. The test proved that reducing the number of ad sets and campaigns saved time and increased sales—and that this strategy can be used with confidence going into the winter holiday season."

Amanda JohnsonGrowth Director, Maison MRKT
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