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Enhancing customer relationships with data-driven CRM optimization strategy

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Recognizing the needs of a growing audience base
CRM has become a critical component of sophisticated, data-driven marketing strategies and customer retention for modern, technologically advanced brands. With a significant global following, Maison Kitsuné has established a consistent email presence for its dedicated customer base.

By partnering with Maison MRKT, the brand has effectively leveraged targeted prospecting to expand its reach and attract new customers across the US. As these new customers navigate their journey towards conversion, the brand recognizes the importance of providing robust support infrastructure to facilitate and enhance the longevity of the experience.

Maison MRKT leveraged its expertise in customer journey optimization to create a hallmark moment for the Maison Kitsuné brand - The Welcome Series. This influential automation seamlessly integrates into the brand experience for each new email subscriber, providing a critical touchpoint for customer acquisition and retention.

"By optimizing this crucial step in the customer lifecycle, we built the foundation for a long-lasting relationship between the user and brand. With continued updates & testing, we can utilize data to deepen that relationship."

Jennifer BasesCRM Manager, Maison MRKT

Created in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, Maison Kitsuné offers a unique, inspirational Art de Vivre blending a fashion brand (Maison Kitsuné), music label (Kitsuné Musique) and coffee shops (Café Kitsuné). Over the last sixteen years, the multi-faceted Paris-meets-Tokyo brand has consistently grown and increased its international influence, building a loyal fan base all over the world.

Investing in strategic deployment to streamline the entry experience

To maximize the impact of the welcome series, Maison MRKT conducted a comprehensive review and audit of the existing program. The assessment included an in-depth examination of creative elements, contextual framework, and structural opportunities within the process such as pop-up behavior, send cadence, number of emails within the series, and sign-up incentives.

Capitalizing on this deep understanding of the program, Maison MRKT developed a bespoke strategy, anchored in clear, data-driven insights and grounded in a thorough analysis of alternative solutions. This approach ensured that Maison Kitsuné could reach its goals without sacrificing brand equity.

The selected strategy involved the integration of revised content that featured brand storytelling, product recommendations, and creative updates, as well as a new incentive for sign-ups tied to the creation and activation of a Maison Kitsuné account.

Maison MRKT launched the optimized email series on October 1 with a refreshed and strategic approach to engage new and existing customers. The launch was timed perfectly to capitalize on the highly competitive Q4 period, where customer acquisition and retention are crucial.

The initial results exceeded expectations. By November 30th, the brand had achieved significant improvements in key performance metrics, including an increase in open rates, click rates, and revenue compared to the previous series. Furthermore, the decreased unsubscribe rate between emails within the series demonstrated that customers were not only opening and engaging with the emails, but were also finding value in the content and remaining engaged with the brand. The optimized email series provided Maison Kitsuné with a competitive CRM edge, empowering promotionally-driven customers with brand equity and season-agnostic potential.

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