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Unveiling TikTok's power through precision holiday acquisition campaigns

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Diversifying a winning North American presence
Lacoste collaborated with Maison MRKT to enhance its online growth and advance its digital marketing strategy in the North American market. Capitalizing on the success of creatively-driven campaigns across social media platforms including Meta, Snapchat, and the successful Canadian launch of Pinterest, Maison MRKT identified an opportunity to reach a new, youthful, highly-engaged demographic on TikTok.

To capitalize on this opportunity, Maison MRKT leveraged its expertise and conducted a comprehensive analysis of similar short-form video-based channels to develop a tailored strategy for Lacoste's launch on TikTok. Working closely with its TikTok agency team, Maison MRKT ensured that Lacoste was optimally positioned for success on the platform.

With a well-structured plan in place, Maison MRKT executed a highly-successful launch of Lacoste on TikTok in the United States, timed perfectly for the busy Black Friday-Cyber Monday shopping period.

"Social media presence has expanded across North America over the past few years, and we're very excited to now have TikTok in the mix. The launch paired well with the release of the Holiday 2022 campaign. By working with the TikTok team, we were able to develop a strategy that developed platform learnings as quickly as possible. This strategy was designed to make the most of the holiday shopping season and TikTok has proven to be a valuable addition to our media mix."

Richard KimSr Marketing Manager

Founded by French tennis legend René Lacoste, the Lacoste brand has long been a global power player on and off the court. Paired with a logo that’s just as recognizable, the Lacoste brand today continues to embody deeply rooted heritage values without losing sight of what’s ahead — looking to future generations to cement the promise of the past.

Optimizing for consumer behavior & seasonality through visually-stratified content

The launch was characterized by two key elements:

  1. TimingThe Lacoste team launched TikTok with its holiday brand campaign in November, taking advantage of the elevated commercial activity on the platform to gather valuable insights at an accelerated pace. These insights enabled Maison MRKT’s Growth Marketing team to quickly move beyond the learning phase and implement effective return on ad spend conversion campaigns throughout the marketing funnel.

  2. CreativeBy investing in eye-catching and visually-appealing video content specific to the platform, the team significantly enhanced Lacoste's position on TikTok. With short, easily digestible videos and animations, Lacoste's distinct visual identity was evident in every interaction with audiences across the funnel.

As TikTok delivered immediate results during the holiday season, the allocated paid media budget was strategically increased to capitalize on the platform's success. To further boost momentum and solidify its position on the platform, the team refreshed holiday-centric creative with more evergreen-style content that emphasized dynamic video and visually-striking elements. 

Building upon the success of our launch, the partnership is now poised to take Lacoste's TikTok presence to the next level through 2023 and beyond. Maison MRKT’s approach is characterized by a commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation, ensuring that the brand remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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