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Achieving sustainable scale through category domain expertise.

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Establishing sustainable growth parameters through category domain expertise
From the first months of partnership, a few things became clear to Maison MRKT: the Corridor product is first-class, the returning customers are highly loyal, and as a result, the brand had the potential to scale at a rapid rate while maintaining efficiency.

Through thoughtful planning of demand generation strategies, Maison MRKT set the course for sustainable, healthy growth - controlling the instability of expansion and softening the extremes of direct-to- consumer marketing through balanced campaign infrastructure and budget allocation across multiple acquisition platforms.

Maison MRKT then transitioned the macro marketing strategy into a bespoke media mix - actionable campaign organization designed to capitalize on key collection moments, while still balancing growth to prevent saturating, ad-fatigue, or diminishing returns.

Safeguarded through continued, brand specific benchmarking and customer CRM analysis, the brand has been able to mature and grow profitably, while Maison MRKT has actively sharpened projection capabilities year-after-year.

“Corridor is an exceptional example of partnership longevity and calculated scale. Over the years, we have been able to supercharge growth through thoughtful new customer acquisition strategies, rigorous experimentation, and incremental investments in key efficiencies. We are thrilled to continue to help the Corridor team maintain a sustainable, profitable growth trajectory for the years to come.”

Jerel BladesSenior Marketing Manager, Maison MRKT

New York based menswear collection Corridor has been a cult-favorite and bi-coastal staple since Founder and Creative Director Dan Snyder brought it to market in 2013. Propelled by a multi-year growth outlook, Maison MRKT and Corridor have partnered to prioritize marketing for the brand’s highest-value customers — a new and growing cohort primed for investment.

Unleashing active new audiences
As Corridor’s trajectory has continued to shift upward, Maison MRKT has met the brand’s ambition and pushed platform capabilities to unlock new audiences for the collection.

Maison MRKT advanced this agenda in part through two key tactics:

1. Consolidating ad account structures across META for increased efficiency and decreased excess spending - while simultaneously prioritizing a product-first creative approach curated to the Corridor brand.

2. Utilizing Google’s PMAX (Performance Max) Technology to scale new customer acquisition and improve retention. Maison MRKT’s high-touch understanding of the new technology, paired with a brand-specific approach to the strategy itself, formed a manageable pool of opportunity curated to Corridor specifically. Tactically expanding reach across all google networks (including YouTube, Google Search, Gmail and more).

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