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Creating optimization infrastructure to empower long-term brand growth.

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Authentically communicating brand and designer vision Maison MRKT has worked in close collaboration with Founder & Creative Director Chris Echevarria to empower his vision for the future of the Blackstock & Weber brand. Our marketing approach prioritized this exacting founder vision - balancing immediate opportunities for acquisition, while also planning for long-term growth, media diversification and the evolution of the collection.

The groundwork of this strategy began by leveraging Maison MRKT’s domain-specific benchmarks for both footwear & fashion to act as a springboard for campaign launch.

Maison MRKT also deployed an investment in testing and analysis of preferred shopping pathways for the brand’s core customer base. To do so, our teams collaborated in creating a highly branded experience on FB/IG shops to be tested against on-site checkouts. These tests translated valuable insights on customer preference and clear conversion optimization opportunities.

“Our balanced strategy led to tremendous growth for Blackstock & Weber among new audiences, but it was our tactical investment in understanding audience behavior that has positioned the brand for sustained, long-term advancement.”

Carlos de la LamaDigital Marketing Strategist, Maison MRKT


Blackstock & Weber is a Brooklyn-based fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Chris Echevarria. The brand’s signature Loafer reimagines the traditional shoe in all ways, guiding it from the world of workwear into modern streetwear. Echevarria’s dynamic approach and considered aesthetic has put Blackstock & Weber on a fast-moving high growth trajectory, with long-time partner Maison MRKT guiding digital strategy.

Aligning optimizations with consumer behavior & seasonality

In tandem with our continued optimization of the shopping experience for Blackstock & Weber’s core customers, we also began to strategize around the brand’s digital retail marketing calendar - specifically, prioritizing New Arrivals as a key commercial brand moment, highly resonant with their target customers.

Maison MRKT integrated a targeted creative planning and execution structure to meet the demands of the brand’s expedited product life cycle. This structure enables the on-going, seamless integration of new visual assets at a more rapid cadence in order to proactively prevent creative fatigue and maintain engagement.

With creative optimizations cohesively aligning with new product releases, the brand can selectively tap into new and existing customers while maintaining elevated positioning for the collection.

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