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Leveraging data analysis to amplify customer acquisition in new platforms.

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Reaching better customers through behavioral analysis & diverse segmentation
Since its founding, Easymoc has enjoyed a loyal customer base - one that continues to respond to the brand’s authenticity and quality craftsmanship of their beloved moccasins.

As Maison MRKT began to strategize new customer acquisition, we paired a data-centric approach with thoughtful, customer informed research. In lieu of diversifying audience segmentation through blanket targeting, Maison MRKT tapped into available troves of first-party data to inform the go-forward media mix. Coupling this approach with behavioral analysis, customer preferences, and industry insights, Easymoc was well positioned to efficiently scale - all while advancing their authentic brand ethos.

Additionally, Maison MRKT identified key learnings through mutli-variant creative testing, notably the use of short-form video as a vital core acquisition asset, capable of effective deployment at all parts of the funnel, across multiple media platforms.

“Maison MRKT allowed us to expand our audience with a targeted group of first time customers, all without losing any traction with our existing customer base. They provided a clear, data-driven growth strategy alongside insightful tactics for showcasing our collection and introducing our brand to new markets.The team has elevated my brand to the next level, directly contributing to significant revenue growth and exposure.”

Greg CordeiroFounder, Easymoc

Easymoc has been crafting small-batch, handsewn moccasins for over a decade out of a small workshop in Lewiston, Maine. As they pulled their iconic moc from the design archives, Maison MRKT pushed their presence to a global audience - scaling both product and brand with trajectory.

Aligning performance branding & DTC best-practices for creative optimization

Maison MRKT developed a diverse media mix to address both channel-specific nuances, as well as proven customer trends - curating an approach specific to Easymoc and priming each campaign to best reach their highly targeted, purchase-ready audiences.

Deploying Maison MRKT’s proprietary Create to Perform (CTP) methodology, Easymoc was provided with actionable content insights to inform placement strategy, asset types, and messaging of key brand creative.

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