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Leveraging cross-channel creative to reach new audiences on CTV.

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Re-defining TV advertising with streaming audiences in mind.
With a winning strategy in place across the major social media advertising channels, Maison MRKT and Jennifer Fisher teams began to circle Connected TV (CTV) as the next step in diversification. 

One of the biggest differences between traditional TV advertising and modern CTV, streaming-centric advertising is in audience building. Engaging CTV channel partner MNTN,  Maison MRKT led the teams through the highly-nuanced process of behavioral targeting. 

While traditional TV advertising supports low-lift, ‘black-box’ buys, MNTN’s targeting is more similar to traditional social media channels like TikTok, Pinterest and Meta in its high-touch consideration modeling. A process that empowers advertisers to target based on shopping behavior, and do so with much more granularity than ever before, ie. selecting ‘audiences who are likely to purchase a luxury vehicle’ or ‘audiences with annual discretionary funds over $35k.’ instead of ‘males 25-34’.  

Maison MRKT not only identified key primary behavioral profiles specific to Jennifer Fisher, but also secondary and tertiary profiles with unique permissions addressing how/if cross-utilization of profile targeting occurs. Through this complex layering, Jennifer Fisher was positioned with a strong foundational strategy to reach its most engaged and impactful audiences on MNTN, without limiting its potential to reach untapped audiences on the channel as well.

“Breathing new life into existing content through strategic repurposing for CTV not only expanded platform diversity, but also empowered our team to utilize more precise targeting. This success underscores the fact that brands, who may initially have concerns about their lack of commercial-specific content, can still achieve significant results with CTV through innovative repurposing strategies.”

Amanda JohnsonVice President, Maison MRKT

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Engaging nuanced CTV creative without shooting original content.
The biggest barrier to entry in TV advertising is content. 

Traditional advertisers were tied to costly shoots and weeks of edits in hopes of producing original content - but today, MNTN and other connected TV services offer a variety of tools and support geared toward translating existing content into working CTV assets curated for the streaming medium. 

The immediate goal of creative on CTV is upper-funnel brand building. With that in mind, Maison MRKT and Jennifer Fisher teams began to identify all available assets tied to engagement-rich KPIs. By looking beyond surface-level constructs of horizontally shot video, we tapped into the creatives proven to capture, attract and win the attention of social audiences on our existing channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. Through this analysis, our teams selected the highest-potential video content to repurpose for CTV launch. 

During month 1 of running on MNTN, Jennifer Fisher yielded a 2.94x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By month 2, they had increased to a 5.51x ROAS. In Q4, they had managed to generate over an 8x ROAS between prospecting and retargeting. Despite not having assets specifically designed for connected TV, the Jennifer Fisher videos yielded over a 97% completed view rate and reached over 1.4MM households in Q4 alone.

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