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Achieving rapid scale through maintained campaign efficiency.

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Building upon an established partnership to reach new heights.As a long time partner, DS & DURGA approached a potential investment opportunity through high-touch collaboration with trusted growth marketing teams at Maison MRKT. 

Our teams began to circle the opportunity and set goals geared toward one main consideration: scaling volume and efficiently decreasing customer acquisition to show potential reach in untapped revenue during Q4.

Not only did Maison MRKT support the establishment of a media mix roadmap to execute and reach these goals within activated digital channels - recommending a highly methodical increase in marketing spend that expanded primarily upon existing, highly efficient campaigns - but also collaborated to address considerations of rapid growth and account scaling for the business as a whole.

With an agreed upon strategy in place, DS & DURGA passed the reins to Maison MRKT, granting our team the autonomy to dynamically explore a wide variety of growth avenues and advertising tactics in real time. 

"By strategically increasing our spend by 198% year over year, we unlocked remarkable growth opportunities. This surge empowered us to amplify new customer revenue by 53% and overall revenue by 70% in Q4 alone. Embracing a comprehensive approach, we expanded our audience significantly and adopted a holistic funnel strategy. Steering away from aggressive sales targeting when everyone else in the industry seems to be doing so, we embraced a full-price and release cadence approach, maintaining a desirable CAC. Leveraging mid and upper funnel tactics, we attracted a multitude of first-time customers, enriching our sales pipeline. Our utilization of gift guides further facilitated seamless decision-making, guiding customers towards meaningful purchases."

Annie WaskoverVice President, Maison MRKT


Born in Brooklyn and formulated in NYC, DS & DURGA is a modern scent architect - crafting artful fragrances inspired by real world sights, sounds and places. With a cult-following and rapidly diversifying assortment, the brand has partnered with Maison MRKT to balance digital retail growth alongside product expansion.

Exceeding ambitious goals through dynamic budget allocation, targeted media expansion and high-performance consolidation practices.

With goals in place and a clear timeline established, Maison MRKT began strategic campaign expansion and consolidation practices across key facets of the account infrastructure. 

We first began with foundational campaign optimizations - broadening our reach across each key stage of the marketing funnel. Our teams pushed significantly into strategic prospecting across all channels, developed mid-funnel consideration campaigns on channels like Pinterest, scaled our ASC footprint and greatly expanded budget into conversion focused campaigns across Meta and TikTok. 

We continued to build upon our post-click experience through optimizations of both Website and Shops post-click flows. We also capitalized on whitelisted influencer partnerships and broadened our position in Connected TV for a strengthened cross-channel creative mix. 

To expand our reach and build engagement within new audiences, our teams also identified new and emerging marketings targeted through geographic expansion into high-potential secondary and tertiary markets. 

As we marched through Q4 and reached holiday shipping deadlines, we shifted our focus toward a tiered increase of budget on store traffic campaigns that scaled as we reached each shipping cut off date. Throughout the remainder of the month, our teams continued to pull levers strategically to benefit business goals, while considering key seasonal moments and consumer behavior. 

At the end of the year, our results were clear and the impact was significant. DS & DURGA reached and surpassed their goals with ease, while maintaining a high level of efficiency - an outcome that produced an almost immediate partnership with the potential investor.

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