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Setting the course for foundational market entry.
As Doré approached launch for their all new line of skincare products, the brand was faced with a unique set of defining circumstances that proved impactful to their go-to-market strategy. The Doré name came attached with a substantial audience size, strong name recognition and high unaided awareness based on Garance Doré’s established industry presence.

However, to position the Doré brand to scale - the presentation of the product line required both strategic alignment and independence from Garance Doré the individual.

To establish a successful market-entry, while simultaneously setting the course for long-term growth, Maison MRKT initiated a two-pronged approach: 

  1. Activate Garance Doré’s pre-existing audience to build early purchases and establish an immediate base. 

  2. Utilize the natural momentum created by Doré’s base to accelerate new customer acquisition and industry impact. 

Through in-depth industry and audience research, our teams identified an ideal axis of orientation within the complex beauty marketplace. A competitive analysis, including dissecting key competitor placements, further uncovered optimal areas of positioning to elevate awareness of the product line for both existing followers and new customers. 

Maison MRKT then pulled first-party data insights from Garance Doré’s existing audiences to further improve analysis and uncover highly-impactful interest indicators - insights usually unavailable without historical data - to immediately optimize campaign structuring and audience targeting from day one. 

Armed with strong foundational brand architecture and dialed-in visual branding from the Doré team, Maison MRKT was positioned to launch.

“The expeditious pace with which we have been able to implement and test the most cutting-edge techniques — from Shopify Audiences to Advantage+ to Generative AI — has given the brand a competitive advantage in their first year, enabling Doré to confidently and decisively stake their claim in the crowded beauty vertical.”

Liam ScottDigital Marketing Manager, Maison MRKT

Doré is a French-beauty inspired skincare line that simplifies skincare down to the foundational level. Following in the sophisticated minimalism of its founder, style icon Garance Doré, every product is designed to alleviate the unnecessary and empower its users to streamline their routine with clean, simple, effectiveness.  

Encouraging expansion through advanced creative testing and targeted growth-strategies.
Maison MRKT’s performance-driven strategy executed a successful launch that activated interest and awareness for the new brand. Thanks to a scalable campaign framework, Doré was now well-positioned to transition its early-stage momentum into true growth.

To do so most effectively, Maison MRKT prioritized advanced creative testing and full-funnel creative optimizations as a key process to support continued campaign success. 

While in its early stages, Doré relied on broad creative and press features to best activate top of funnel audiences and align the new brand with ‘clickable’ interest and 3rd party validity. After market entry, the need for creative experimentation and evolution became clear - not only to combat creative fatigue, but also to better engage mid and lower funnel audiences. 

Maison MRKT then developed testing structures designed to accrue results and measure impact of creative within targeted audience groups. This analysis allowed us to gain transparency around purchase data and differentiate audience-specific creative optimizations, specifically between Doré’s two core audience groups: the older Millennial and Gen X women. 

With creative optimization and refined audience targeting underway, Maison MRKT began to implement winning strategies through updated, growth-oriented campaigns - including guided entry into new tech integrations such as AI-driven Advantage Plus and Shopify Audiences - positioning Doré to scale with acceleration.  

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