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Maintaining optimal performance in a post iOS 14.5 world.

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Navigating a changing digital landscape
Prior to Apple’s iPhone iOS 14.5 privacy updates, Bodega utilized dynamic campaign types using the catalog sales objective. These automated solutions paired well with the brand’s large, evolving merchandise assortment and proved extremely effective in years past - when tracking for retargeting audiences was acute, learnings were exceptionally refined.

However, as the digital privacy landscape evolved, so did the toolkit needed to efficiently find customers. Across the digital marketing ecosystem, once successful automation-heavy campaigns began to experience diminished impact due to softened traffic signals and decreasingly available audience insights.

Preemptively assessing the changing state of the industry, Maison MRKT acted fast with a proactive targeting strategy geared toward rebalancing audiences, maintaining performance and increasing sales - all while advancing modern privacy consumer norms through a creative-forward approach.

“These changes pushed Bodega through the iOS 14.5 evolution unscathed - and even improved their position to address future privacy changes ahead.”

Bennett WissakGrowth Director, Maison MRKT

Bodega pioneered their retail concept, infusing art, fashion, design and counterculture. A name synonymous with streetwear and a multi-brand retailer operating on the zeitgeist of culture - Bodega stocks some of the most in-demand labels in the world. Maison MRKT works closely with the brand to acquire their best customers as the online marketing landscape continues to evolve.

Empowering audiences through connection and consistency
Maison MRKT redesigned Bodega’s campaign structure with layered integration:

1. First, prioritizing existing customer lists and activating new lookalike audiences.

2. Second, increasing mid-funnel activity through lead generation.

Simultaneously, Maison MRKT worked closely with Bodega’s in-house design team to develop strong, on-brand creative based on historical engagement data. Pushing the stylistic creative to the forefront through new templates to act as ‘Franchise Ads’ - provided consistency for audiences, increased brand awareness and decreased the lift needed to refresh ads quickly.

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