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Targeting high-net-worth individuals through creative diversification.

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Understanding the nuanced, high-net-worth customer.

Since 2020, Biography has made a name for itself through a core line of 3 Facial Oils - a trio of visibly effective skincare products crafted from the highest quality natural oils. Through this foundational product assortment, elevated visual branding and partnerships with key retailers like Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie - Biography won the attention and loyalty of a core style-conscious, luxury beauty customer. 

Through an early partnership with Maison MRKT, the teams then set the course to expand upon their early adopter footprint into true audience growth and progressive brand expansion via digital advertising. 

To do so effectively, the Maison MRKT team worked closely with Biography to align on audience targeting - starting with in-depth customer research. This research allowed our teams to identify nuanced product preferences, messaging priorities, behavioral trends and key creative opportunities all curated to expand reach toward primary, secondary and tertiary high-net-worth customer groups.

“Biography’s story started to resonate with fresh customer groups as we tested different ways to introduce people to the brand. By diversifying our media mix and leveraging new AI technologies, we were able to reach, engage and convert new audiences. It was impressive to watch unprecedented growth stem from this creative testing.”

Samara PhillipsDigital Marketing Strategist, Maison MRKT


Biography was founded out of the belief that the secret to beautiful skin lies in natural oils and not synthetic moisturizers. Today, the beauty brand is a self-proclaimed pioneer in active oils for face and body, creating a growing portfolio of luxurious oil-infused products that embrace your skin and your story.

Diversifying on-brand creative content.

As the teams continued to fan the flames of growth through the existing product line, Biography also approached market entry for multiple new products. Not only was the brand approaching entirely new product categories, but they were also positioned to reach a slightly different subset of luxury beauty customers through these products. 

To strengthen market entry positioning, Maison MRKT and Biography teams saw the opportunity to diversify the creative mix with ad creative better aligned to the preferences of a new, burgeoning high-net-worth customer group. Our teams were highly-considerate of product merchandising, creator partnerships and channel-native messaging within newly produced content. 

Collectively, this diverse creative mix offered a healthy balance of lo-fi video alongside Biography’s core, highly-polished creative - a strategy that allowed us to reach goal creative diversification without diminishing brand value. 

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