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Engaging test and learn creative iteration to optimize Gen Z targeting.

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Initiating full-funnel strategies and a creative pipeline.

To set the course for success, Maison MRKT first began to optimize foundational account infrastructures and expand from limited campaign strategies into full-funnel optimization.  As a young beauty brand, our teams also prioritized an in-depth realignment of audience targeting -  meeting Gen Z customers where they are and where they spend their time naturally. The final step was building and preparing a high-touch creative pipeline designed for fast-paced asset production, testing and analysis. 

Within two weeks, the creative machine was ignited with each component - from original asset production through creative requests, approvals, testing, tracking, analysis and iterations - was fully operational. Shortly thereafter, our teams identified BAU creatives, established baseline account values, and a steady stream of creative learnings were tracked on a weekly basis. UGC content showed particularly strong potential for these core, Gen Z audiences.

“AppleDoll’s strong brand identity and creative vision was a tremendous advantage to our team as we started working together. With their socially fluent Gen Z customer in mind, we were able to quickly identify targeting strategies and key media channels that would help us reach and win this target demographic.”

Lauren HaefeleDigital Marketing Strategist, Maison MRKT


AppleDoll is a modern beauty and makeup brand that celebrates the beauty in all. The brand prides itself on products made for your authentic self. Alongside inclusivity, safely produced vegan products made through sustainable practices - the brand is coveted by Gen Z customers for bold, impactful lip, eye, and face products of superior quality and long lasting wear.

Connecting with Gen Z through creative iteration.

To best utilize this new, consistent flow of learnings, Maison MRKT and AppleDoll teams began to engage in weekly analysis and iterative creative planning - a fast paced test and learn process that prioritizes engagement analysis over the limited views of traditional, revenue-exclusive reporting. 

By analyzing engagement along the holistic customer journey, particularly before the first click, we can better understand how, why and with which creative components potential customers are engaging or not engaging. This granularity then allows our teams to clearly identify opportunity markers and make quick iterations on existing content - improving soft elements and expanding winning elements - to better meet those markers, all without the investment of creating completely new ads. 

Within two months of our test and learn creative strategy in place, we began to identify trend lines within our engagement markers and more effectively anticipate and execute creative iterations. Alongside responsive optimizations, these account trends also allowed for improved predictive content – arming AppleDoll’s production teams with stronger guidance, stylistic considerations, and specific asset requests for future shoots. 

As we approached the Q4 holiday time period, our content pool was strong and our ad creative was highly efficient. Thanks to consistency in creative analysis and iterations, we were able to clearly identify our highest-potential creative types, content styles and creator partnerships to be paired with promotional messaging. Through ongoing media mix optimization, our campaigns had accrued quality data to support impactful audience retargeting and retention throughout the holiday season as well. 

Together, through paid strategy and creative testing, our teams capitalized on data-driven insights to collectively accelerate performance through Q4 and into the new year.

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