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Augmenting cultural experiences through precision community engagement.

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Communicating abstract experiences through visual content
Maison MRKT partnered with the MATTE Black team to bring a number of their highly unique, in-community activations to life. Culture-rich and often first of their kind, these distinct events required layered campaign activations and strategic audience targeting to effectively drive top of funnel awareness, and intrigue, and later conversions in the form of ticket sales.

Maison MRKT prioritized ticket sales and immediate conversion events, hyper-targeted toward geographic-specific and affinity-focused customer groups. By guiding these initial campaigns toward relevant audiences, paired with neighborhood-level geo targeting, Maison MRKT delivered highly efficient customer acquisition costs.

As ticket sales peaked, or sold out for each event, Maison MRKT quickly pivoted campaign strategy from ticket availability to opt-in brand engagement - driving awareness and fostering organic interest in future MATTE Black events.

“Given the short timeline for the campaign, our team put together an expedited plan for both audience targeting and creative strategies to maximize efficiency. The campaigns that we ran successfully generated enough buzz to sell all tickets days before the event, and used the remaining time to push the MATTE brand name.”

Richard KimDigital Marketing Manager, Maison MRKT

MATTE Black bills itself as an orchestration of form and sound. A production of leading New York based creative agency MATTE Projects, MATTE Black has created community-rich, concert events & culture experiences across the city. For years the firm has partnered with Maison MRKT to drive new user engagement, awareness and targeted ticket sales for the varied experiences.

Developing quick turnaround creative optimization strategies to maximize impact
To meet the speed at which MATTE Black events are produced, as well as the urgency of curious city-dwellers and active concert-goers, Maison MRKT was tasked with developing an unprecedentedly quick optimization and execution strategy for each event.

To do so, Maison MRKT looked to proprietary MIQ cohort analysis, as well as experiential industry insights to most effectively establish recurring campaign structure, allowing for accrued program learnings between events.

MATTE Black enjoyed immediate returns on these learnings as their subsequent events came to life. One of particular interest, a high profile experience co hosted with LaBomba NYC at The Edge in Hudson Yards, sold out in 2-3 days thanks to Maison MRKT’s ready campaign activation.

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