COO, Cofounder

Lexi Nastos

Serving as Maison MRKT COO since inception, Lexi is responsible for the oversight of Maison MRKT’s Growth Marketing & CRM teams as well as the development of key agency partnerships, including media providers such as Google, META, TikTok, Pinterest, and many more.

Since the start of the agency, Lexi has devoted his time to ensuring the success of Maison MRKT’s clients through data-driven strategies that align with long-term trends. His extensive experience across a wide range of verticals along with his deep curiosity for the industry allows Lexi to identify future-proof concepts for Maison MRKT’s clients and the agency.

Lexi's consistency and honesty have helped shape a company culture that drives the agency forward. As a result, Maison MRKT has been able to successfully scale alongside clients year over year.

“We live in an increasingly complex and diverse acquisition landscape. We take great pride in our Maison MRKT methodology which weaves together disparate channels into a singular, cohesive customer-centric model.”

Alexander NastosCOO, Cofounder