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Investing in media diversification for long-term portfolio scalability.

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Navigating portfolio diversification through native channel awareness
As the pandemic-influenced weight of online social connectivity collided with Apple’s iPhone iOS 14.5 privacy updates, the Mara Hoffman team presciently noted the growth opportunity to expand their direct-to-consumer footprint. Maison MRKT took the lead to prioritize greater portfolio diversification, namely through a channel-specific focus for both brand and agency alike - Pinterest.

Although Mara Hoffman had an established organic presence on the social media network, they had not yet deployed a targeted acquisition media program. Maison MRKT relied on a deep understanding of Mara Hoffman’s collection differentiation as well as clear communication with the Mara Hoffman team to anchor the campaign framework.

Paired with Maison MRKT’s native understanding and early adoption of the visually rich channel, including its unique customer behavior and platform-specific capabilities, Mara Hoffman enjoyed a seamless transition onto the platform.

“Allowing Pinterests’s AI technology to learn over an elongated period of time paid off in spades. We now see consistently strong returns on a platform that allows us to diversify the paid marketing portfolio.”

Amanda JohnsonGrowth Director, Maison MRKT

Mara Hoffman launched her namesake label in 2000 and made an immediate impression thanks to a considered aesthetic driven by bold colors, sophisticated graphics and rich global influence. The brand partners with Maison MRKT as it continues to evolve and invest in key growth initiatives, including new customer relationships in unexplored channels.

Utilizing advanced data science to achieve continued channel optimization
Maison MRKT offered the brand a multi-tiered planning structure, including quarterly benchmarks to provide more efficient spending over a longer time horizon. This highly tailored strategy also accounted for the naturally longer optimization periods and extended purchase life cycles that exist on the Pinterest channel.

Through ongoing data-centric analysis, Maison MRKT was not only able to optimize performance through traditional channel KPIs, such as ‘Pin Clicks’, but also strategically populate more impactful metrics for the Mara Hoffman brand specifically, such as ‘Saves’ and ‘Site Clicks vs. Pin Clicks’ among others. From these learnings, the firm was able to further optimize creative and effectively boost organic posts from the Mara Hoffman account.

  • Return on Ad Spend (Pinterest vs Facebook)



  • Return on Ad Spend (Q2 v Q1)



  • Return on Ad Spend (Q2 vs Previous Q4)




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